Streaming Video

Online video has been around since the dawn of the web, but it really came into its own when Google helped to make YouTube a family name in 2006. This, along with increasing broadband penetration and an increased willingness for content providers to publish video online has made the internet a major slice in the video consumption pie. Explore some of the best streaming media, video-on-demand and downloadable video services below. More streaming films coming soon...

21st Centure Academy

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- Rent DVD movies FREE for two weeks with WebFlicks. Free delivery, no driving, no late fees.

Greater Union

- Download and view trailers to current cinematic releases and coming attractions. Quicktime.

ScreenSound Australia

- Get a taste of Australia's cinematic history by downloading free trailers and video samples here. Titles include everything from Muriel's Wedding (1994) to Story of the Kelly Gang - a scratchy clip taken from the first feature-length film ever produced. Quicktime format.