Clip Art

Add a little colour and spice to your website, multimedia presentation, desktop theme, avatar or word processing documents today, without shelling out for a disc of expensive commercial imagery. The resources below have made a range of original and public domain clipart images available for free use for personal (and occasionally commercial) purposes. Go on - get creative.

- One of the largest collections of free web-ready background graphics on the net, this archive contains dozens of free tiled backgrounds, for personal or commercial use.

Barry's Clip Art Server

- Showcasing the unique creations of a number of digital artists, all of whom have made their collections available for free distribution. Sketches, clip art, logos, icons and animated graphics are amongst their best features.

- Features a huge collection of yuletide clipart, images and web graphical elements that may be added to your personal websites, cards and chrissie invitations at no cost.

EasterLinks Clipart

- Your central source for Easter and holiday-related clipart and web graphics. Includes images of bunnies, eggs, flowers, buttons, backgrounds and Christian imagery.

SpookySites Clipart

- It's creepy. It's cooky. You know the rest ;) A ghoulish range of free clipart and web graphics.