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No longer do you need to put up with the old fashioned method of catalogue distribution, in which your mailbox is packed so full of random junk that your real mail is left to saturate on top of the mailbox. Most of the time, on those occasions when you do actually have a chance to read through the junk, you'll often find that only a small proportion of the catalogues you receive are of any personal interest. So, what's the solution? Using iFree, you're able to request only those catalogues that are of interest to you. In many cases, these leading brand name catalogues are not even distributed to households. What better way to cut down on excess paper usage, while keeping you informed only about the products and services that appeal to you?

Catalogue Central

- provides the most up-to-date retail catalogues online so there is no need to ever miss a sale. Plus join now and and you could win $3,000 cash for Christmas!

Eddie Bauer

- Send for their latest fashion and homewares catalog.

Richters 2000

- Free herb catalogue. Available internationally.

Victoria's Secret

- One of the most popular catalogs in the world (I wonder why ;-D) may be requested for free. While the catalog does, presumably, originate within the United States, the order form indicates that it is sent internationally at no cost.