Sporting Goods

Once you're all freebied out and you're starting to feel guilty about having blown four consecutive hours in front of an LCD panel, surfing the web, turn to this page and do more of the same - but only for a couple of minutes. Use this list to locate sporting goods to help bring a little balance back into your day. Then, go for a run around the block to recharge your system for more freebie surfing. Hey, isn't surfing a legitimate sport anyway? Maybe you're already burning calories. Good work!

Freepay Wii and WiiFit Package

- Receive a free Wii gaming console and an equally free WiiFit sporting and fitness add-on simply by signing up as a Freepay member and referring the service to your friends. This is available to Aussies only.

Olympic Draw

- Win $2000 Cash and celebrate Australia's success in Beijing 2008!